What county is Stephentown in?

What county is Stephentown in?


What is the zip code for Stephentown New York?

What county is Rensselaer NY in?

The town, which was originally Jericho Hallow in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was renamed for Stephen Van Rensselaer. The town is in the southeast corner of the county, and has a sign proclaiming it to be the only Stephentown on Earth

Is Stephentown NY The only Stephentown on Earth?

Berlin /u02c8bu025cu02d0rlu026an/ is a town in Rensselaer County, New York, United States. The population was 1,880 at the 2010 census. The town is named after Berlin in Germany, although natives pronounce the name differently, with the accent on the first syllable.

Is Berlin in New York?

What is Brooklyn NY postal code?

Zip CodeCityCounty11237BrooklynKings11238BrooklynKings11239BrooklynKings11240BrooklynKings43 more rows

What is NYS postal code?

ZIP CodeCityCounty06390Fishers IslandSuffolk10001New YorkNew York10002New YorkNew York10003New YorkNew York111 more rowsx26bull;Apr 1, 2022

How many zip codes are in Monroe County NY?

42 Zip Codes

Where in New York is the ZIP code 10025?

Upper West Side

What county is Rensselaer in?


  • Rensselaer, City of.
  • Troy, City of.
  • Berlin, Town of.
  • Brunswick, Town of.
  • East Greenbush, Town of.
  • Grafton, Town of.
  • Hoosick, Town of.
  • Nassau, Town of.

What cities are considered Rensselaer County?

Rensselaer, New York.RensselaerRegionCapital DistrictCountyRensselaerSettled1630Incorporation189735 more rows

Is Rensselaer upstate?

Is Stephentown the only Stephentown in the world?

Stephentown, New Yorku2022 Water0.20 sq mi (0.51 km2)Elevation1,063 ft (324 m)Population (2010)u2022 Total2,90319 more rows

Is there only one Stephentown?

Based on everything I could find it is indeed accurate that Stephentown, New York is the only Stephentown on earth! The town used to be called Jericho Hallow but that’s when it belonged to Massachusetts. When we took over it was renamed Stephentown after Stephen Van Rensselaer.

Is Berlin in USA?

Berlin (/u02c8bu025cu02d0rlu026an/ BUR-lin) is a city along the Androscoggin River in Coxf6s County in northern New Hampshire, United States. It is the northernmost city in New Hampshire. The population was 9,425 at the 2020 census, down from 10,051 at the 2010 census.Berlin, New HampshireCountyCoxf6sTown1829City1897Government27 more rows

What county is Berlin in?

Camden County, New Jersey, United States.Berlin, New JerseyPopulation (2010 Census)u2022 Total7,588u2022 Estimate (2019)7,536u2022 Rank302nd of 566 in state 17th of 37 in county34 more rows

What state is the town of Berlin?

Geography: Location: eastern Germany inside Brandenburg, at the Spree river. The city state of Berlin is located in the Northern European Lowlands (North German Plain) along the Spree river in eastern Germany. It lies within the state of Brandenburg.

Where is Berlin under a?

BERLIN is situated beneath 2A, a dim, low-key dive that has occupied the corner of Avenue A and 2nd Street corner for decades. Berlin’s space has arched stonework, three chandeliers and dark banquettes.

What is Brooklyn postal code?

Zip CodeCityCounty11223BrooklynKings11224BrooklynKings11225BrooklynKings11226BrooklynKings43 more rows

What zip code is 11210?

ZIP CodeCityCounty06390Fishers IslandSuffolk10001New YorkNew York10002New YorkNew York10003New YorkNew York111 more rowsx26bull;Apr 1, 2022

What is Ny full zip code?

Zip CodeCityCounty10001New YorkNew York City10002KnickerbockerNew York City10002New YorkNew York City10003New YorkNew York City48 more rows

What is the US Postal Code?

Some still refer to ZIP codes as US postal codes. The term ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan. The basic 5-digit format was first introduced in 1963 and later extended to add an additional 4 digits after a dash to form a ZIP+4 code. The additional 4 digits help USPS more precisely group mail for delivery.

What do New York Post codes look like?

PlaceCode1New York1000140.748/-73.9972New York1000240.715/-73.988135 more rows

How many ZIP Codes are in Rochester NY?

ZIP CodeTypePopulation14610Standard14,23314611Standard17,39614612Standard34,51514613Standard14,73036 more rowsx26bull;Mar 1, 2022

What ZIP Codes are in Monroe County NY?

ZIP Codes in Monroe County NY

  • 14580.
  • 14450.
  • 14609.
  • 14624.
  • 14612.
  • 14621.
  • 14534.
  • 14626.

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