What is the average kWh for an apartment?

What is the average kWh for an apartment?

An average one-bedroom apartment of around 750 square feet uses about 750 kwh per month. More square footage means an increase in cost primarily because of heating and cooling a larger space. Typical apartment electricity usage increases to about 880 kWh for 1,000 square feet.

How much do utilities cost per month in a studio?

How much do utilities cost for an average studio apartment? The total cost of utilities (such as electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage) you can expect to pay from $100 to $150. If you would like to pay for cable and/or internet, add $65 to $150, depending on the services you choose.

How much electricity does a 1 bedroom flat use?

The average electricity usage of a 1 bed flat sits between 1,800 and 2,400 Kwh. This is assuming that you are on a mix of gas and electricity. Some homes are heated exclusively by electricity and if this is the case your electric consumption will, of course, be higher.

How much kWh should I be using a month?

In 2020, the average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. residential utility customer was 10,715 kilowatthours (kWh), an average of about 893 kWh per month

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